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    MITT is committed to helping each student succeed.  This may entail administering make-up exams, extra assignments, tutoring, taping/videorecording class sessions in case of an unavoidable absence. Within reason, we will do whatever it takes to assist our students in achieving the highest  academic acumen possible. 
We've noted that the majority of our students are adults with full time jobs and families to care for. Some of our students have been out of the traditional scholastic setting for a while, and may need to bone up on good study habits, effective testing skills, etc. On this website, there has been added a nine-page document with valuable information. If you would like information about the following subjects:
Concentration Page 1
Note-Taking Skills Page 2
Improving Reading Skills Page 3
Preparing to Pass a Test Page 3
The Essay Exam Page 5
Conquering Test Anxiety Page 6
Managing Your Time Page 8
Balancing College Commitment and family Needs Page 9

To Access the Study Aids document is in .pdf format.   Use your browser's back button to return here.

Here is a link to download the pdf software if you don't already have it
. Click Here to download a Free Version of Adobe's PDF Reader