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You May not be positioned for an on-premise class right now, but you hunger to continue your Biblical/ministerial education. MITT offers a 3 credit course that is self-directed with a bonus at the end. In this module, you are to choose 5 books that deal with theology/ministry in areas that interest you the most. The selected books must be at least 150 pages in length. You are to write a 15-page summary report (typed, double spaced) on each of the five books.

You decide when to begin this course. We will work together to determine a reasonable length of time to complete the course requirements. We will work together to come to an agreement of appropriate source material.  You determine the tuition payment schedule that works for you.

The final requirement will be to share what you have learned by way of a Webex presentation. This presentation will be recorded and archived for use by others (details of viewer selection to be determined). Professorial assistance will be available to provide training of the Webex system.

This is unique and you have the opportunity to help develop something that can be of global importance to the Body of Christ

Next Steps

When you are ready, contact me and we'll get a jump-start on the next leg of your Biblical /Ministerial Study Journey.

txt: 2032140178

Examples of Special Studies:

1. Pastorate
2. Children's Ministry/Youth/Young Adults
3. Full time missions
4. Ministry of Helps
5. Outreach (soup kitchen, warming ministry, etc.)
6. Music or Ministry of the Arts
7. Men's Ministry
8. Women's Ministry
9. Church History
10. Comparative Religions
11. Sports Ministry / Martial Arts Ministry
12. Daily Bread Ministry - feeding the hungry
13. Church Finances / Fundraising
14. Broadcast Ministry
15. Ministering to Muslims, Jehovah Witnesses, New Age Religions, Buddhists, Hindi, etc.
16. Ministry to Modern Families
17. Ministry to Singles (including widowhood, divorcees)
18. Ministry in the Marketplace (on the job)
19. Tent Ministries
20. Ministry and the Social Media
21. Motorcycle / Trucker Ministry
22. Secret Societies (Fraternities, Sororities, Free Masonry, Elks, illuminati, Eastern Star, etc .
23. Ministry to the Military
24. Ministry to the Home Bound, Nursing Homes, Hospitals
25. Ministry/Law/Justice