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MITT on the Cutting Edge

 MITT is on the cutting edge of delivery methodology as we have been able accommodate students who reside out-of-state or are home-bound.
Our cyber students are active participants in class discussions by way of video conferencing technology (Skype).  Their homework is exemplary which demonstrates that in deed, they possess the spirit of the Bereans.
In the future we expect to reach students who are home-bound by disabilities, work schedules, distance or for other factors that prohibit traveling to a physical location to participate in a traditional classroom setting.

Profile of a Video Conferencing Student/Disciple

[1]. Highly motivated to attend a quality   Bible College and to achieve a goal/certificate/degree/spiritual enrichment 
Flexible enough to (put up with) “glitches”
Willing to work with administration to develop/enhance a viable system capable of benefiting many other like-minded disciples 
Willing to embrace the BLCS and MITT philosophies of higher learning.

Call 860(346-0733) for more information.