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MITT Supports its Up and Coming Authors (cont.)

Sermons on backsliding, hell fire and brimstone and a godly lifestyles are seldom preached today or they are so watered down, syrupy sweet, that the power of Godís word lacks transformation power. ... Have we left our first love, have we turned our backs on God? Sadly, but emphatically I say yes. The 21st century church is in a backslidden condition. God is talking to His people, He is talking to His children.  


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Rev. Mary Lamb, Instructor of Ancient Languages


Rev. Mary is on the ministerial staff of Shiloh Christian Church. She is the instructor for the Adult Sunday School Class. Over the years, Rev. Mary, the scientist (+30 years as a Trauma Nurse) has accumulated notes in great detail concerning the tabernacle that the Hebrew children transported through the wilderness for their 40 year journey to the Promised Land. MITT has attempted to compile these notes into a workbook, suitable for teaching on the subject of furniture in the tabernacle, specifically, the candlestick (candelabra/lamp). Scriptures covered in this study: Exodus 25 ff. The first installment of "The Candlestick" is available for publication.


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