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Our Guest Speaker - Bishop Mamie J. Gallaherr has matriculated at Middlesex Community College, graduated with a certificate from Connecticut Broadcasting School, and is a gospel recording artist. In 1982, Bishop Gallaher founded and pastors the Deliverance Haven Church, Middletown, CT.
Bishop Gallaher was consecrated to the Episcopal office and dignity of the Bishopric in November, 1996. In 2007, Bishop Gallaher received her Bachelors in Biblical Studies from BLCS-MITT, graduating Summa Cum Laude with a 3.99 G.P.A.


During this service, the following received earned degrees in Biblical Studies from Biblical Life College and Seminary.




Rev. Rosalie Kreh

Bernice Ford

Diploma in Biblical Studies
Magna Cum Laude

Advanced Degree in Biblical Studies
Magna Cum Laude