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There are several scripture references addressing the distribution of gifts to the Body of Christ. In Ephesians 4:11, we find a description of the five-fold Ministry gifts. Normally, persons functioning in these offices operate on a full-time basis.  While a person may operate in more than one office as the Lord sees fit, the majority of the body will not operate in these offices. The five-fold ministry gifts are major support gifts to the body, providing the leadership functions.

Charismatic or Gifts of the Spirit as described in I Corinthians 12:7-10.
The Holy Spirit distributes gifts that are supernatural, and mainly used to attract people so that the Gospel can be preached.

Motivational Gifts - Romans 12:3-8 provides guidelines for maximizing functional relationships of born-again believers. No one member is any more esteemed or valued above any other member, especially in his or her own eyes. God has furnished the amount of faith required for each member to participate in a sober, self-controlled manner.

5 Fold Ministry Gifts
Charismata (Gifts of the Spirit) - Revelation Gifts
Charismata (Gifts of the Spirit) - Power Gifts
Charismata (Gifts of the Spirit) - Spoken Gifts
Motivational Gifts