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      MITT accepts personal checks, money orders, cashier’s checks, cash. The online donation system on Shiloh Christian Church's website is also available to MITT.  Enter MITT in the field labeled Company.

The cost of text books is not included in the tuition. Please note that most banks and credit unions will facilitate a form of automatic withdrawal.  Make these arrangements with your personal financial institution, and take the pressure out of trying to remember to meet your financial obligations. We are flexible in working with you to de-stress this process.

Registration fees are required at the beginning of each program. That
is, when a student begins work towards the Diploma in Biblical Studies,
he would fill out an enrollment application and pay the $50.00 (Undergrad Program).  Graduate Program registration fee is $90.00.

(Undergraduates) This would not need to be done again until the student graduated the Diploma program and then enrolled into the Associate Degree program.

Application/Registration Fee $75.00 (Non-Refundable). Undergraduate Graduate Registration Fee $90.00.  Tuition Fees:  Undergraduate - $150/course; Graduate $210/course.

Undergraduate Audit Tuition per course $75.00. Courses that are audited are not awarded any semester credit hour value.

Spouse Disc.– If a spouse enrolls (in the same semester) into a degree
program of lesser or equal tuition, the spouse will automatically receive
a 50% discount on tuition.

Payment Plans:  Undergraduate Program  ---  Graduate Program

For further information or to discuss a different financial plan that is budget-friendly to you, call 860-346-0733 and speak to the Registrar.  Also, you may send an email to and the Registrar will get back to you.


Refund Policy

1. No refund or registration or evaluation fees are given

2. Refund on tuition or audit is as follows:

> Prior to first class, 100%
> First week of class, 90%
> Second week of class, 80%
> Third week of class, 70%
> After third week of class (21st day), no refund is given